The Strategic Profits 

The fastest way to grow profits and cash flow guaranteed!

"Sales are for show, profits are for dough!"

The Strategic Profits Bootcamp is a step-by-step training and
implementation program 
to help you increase profits, accelerate cash flow
and build real value in your business starting now!

…even if you don’t have an advanced degree in finance or accounting.

…even if you don’t have much time to manage your finances weekly or monthly.

AND you won’t even have to learn how to use fancy bookkeeping and accounting software.

The best part?

  • You’ll make tiny little changes that will create MASSIVE impacts and results for your bottom line.

  • You’ll have more cash inside your business to be able to grow it bigger and faster.

  • You’ll build real value in your company and real personal wealth.

  • AND you’ll never have to miss payroll, pay your bills late, or borrow from greedy banks or the government again.

If you've struggled financially in the past, rest assured,
it truly and sincerely is NOT YOUR FAULT!

See, many accountants, analysts, bankers and folks on Wall Street have made business finance (appear) way too hard to understand. 

They’d have you believe that in order to run a profitable, cash-flowing business you need all sorts of fancy spreadsheets, financial statements, and ratios that are way too hard to read and even worse to try to understand.

Look, you wanted to own your own business but now your business finances are owning you. 

You’ve gotten this far in business and you want to grow it even bigger. And you know that cash is critical to scaling up your business.

Unfortunately, you don’t have any and you don’t know where to get more of it. 

Most business owners trying to grow often make very costly mistakes when it comes to finding the cash they require. 

The very last thing you want to do when growing your business is to turn to banks (debt with fixed and variable interest rates), or worse, to investors (equity, which is far more expensive in the long-run than any interest paid on debt) to finance your growth. 

So instead, you make insane attempts at increasing sales only to find out that it didn’t actually generate the expected profits or cash

And while most business owners intuitively realize that cash fuels growth, what they don’t understand is that if they aren’t careful and scale up too quickly, they’re on a path to “growing broke”

By working together, we'll help you...

Increase Your Profits

Improve your business model to properly manage labor productivity, minimize operating costs, increase efficiencies and see more of your revenue flow through to the bottom line.

Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Accelerate cash generation and cash flow with proven methods to improve your cash conversion cycle. We'll help you speed up the time it takes for a dollar spent on your business to come back to your wallet.

Grow Your Income

Determine the take-home income you want, need, and deserve for working in your business. Then take regular and serious profit distributions as a reward for owning, properly managing and growing your business asset.

Improve Your Business Value

Structure your businesses in a way that increases its overall value allowing you to command a premium when the time comes for you to sell it, bring on partners, or raise capital for growth.

Easily Manage Your Money & Finances

Create simple methods and systems to manage, track, and keep more of your money. We'll provide you with the tools and templates to make the process of creating profit and cash easier, more helpful, robust and automated.

Hone Your Clarity and Focus

Relieve the financial stress that most business owners carry, allowing you to focus on achieving your targets and the vision you've always had for your business.

Stop letting your business finances control you.

Here's What You'll Get (and more)
When You Join The Strategic Profits Bootcamp...

Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about building and growing a profitable, cash flow-generating, high value business AND we’ll be there to coach you through all of the training and implementation.

More specifically, you’ll get…

Online Video Masterclass + Bonus Material

Each week we load new video content and assignments to your members area, giving you the foundational instruction you need to be successful. Our content makes it easy to learn, implement and get your company profitable and cash flow generating ASAP. We don’t just teach financial theories… we show you, step-by-step, how to actually make this stuff work for you in your business.

Ready-to-use Checklists, Templates, & Spreadsheets

We'll provide you with all of the tools necessary to successfully take what you learn in training and immediately implement it in your business to get the fastest possible results. From step-by-step checklists to tracking and reporting spreadsheets, templates and models, we've got you covered.

Lifetime Content Updates

Your one-time payment gets you a lifetime of updates to the bootcamp content and materials. That means that as we learn and improve the program based on our continued real world work with business owners just like you, you'll receive the benefit no matter when you joined the program.

Live Group Coaching + Support

Tune in live with a group of your peer business owners to receive weekly, hands-on training, ideas and feedback. Each week your instructor and coaches will address specific business finance topics, tactics, or tools and also work through any challenges you are having with your assignments and implementation. These online group office hours are a perfect time for you to bring your questions and learn from other members of your cohort who are experiencing the same things in their own businesses.

Private Members-Only Community

You'll have 24/7 access to a private community of your coaches and peers to support you in your journey to greater profits and cash flow. You'll be able to ask questions, network and exchange ideas with other smart, generous professionals and business owners who are currently or have been in your shoes before. With members in various industries and locations you’re sure to find someone who understands you, your business, your current situation and will be able to provide relevant feedback and actionable advice.

Some of our satisfied customers...

Here are the specifics of the 90-day
Strategic Profits Bootcamp

This program is designed to increase profits, cash flow, and company value while giving you total clarity and understanding of your business’ financial model and its most critical KPI’s WITHOUT having to get an MBA or an advanced degree in finance or accounting. 

Let us walk you through exactly what you can expect from this training program in more detail…

Section #1: Money Psychology & Money Management

Address the factors of your money mindset, money management and the traditional accounting methods that are keeping your business poor and keeping you up at night. With a quick analysis, we'll help you see where your finances are really at and give you a method to make your business profitable and cash rich again, starting from day one. This section alone will help you finally feel confident about the money side of your business and help you find financial stability in your business and life.

Money Psychology

Are you and your business thriving financially or are you living a financial nightmare while your business sucks the life out of you? It's important that you have a business that actually serves you instead of you being in servitude to your business. After all, you deserve to have something to show for all the time, energy, and effort you’ve funneled into your business over the years.

Traditional GAAP Accounting

Do you feel like you need years of financial experience or advanced degrees to understand your business financials? You're not alone in that but it couldn't be any further from the truth. In fact, traditional financial and accounting practices are exactly what's holding you back from being extremely profitable with tons of available cash.

Financial Health Assessment

Are you always just barely surviving or just one bad month away from being out of business? Could you retire today and feel like you’re going to be okay (Social Security, savings, investments, etc.)? We'll give you a quick and easy way to always know yours and your company's financial health.

Money Management w/Profit First & Bank Balance Accounting

Did you know the way you bank and manage your money is actually at the root of your profitability and cash flow problems? We'll outline a strategic money management and banking plan that will help you fix years of struggle and financial troubles almost instantly. It will put profits back where they should be while also allowing you to spend less time managing your books and your finances.

Section #2: Profitability

Which is more important for business growth, profit or cash (trick question)? Here, we'll teach you how to properly grow and scale while increasing your profitability instead of "growing broke". We'll break down the number one driver of business profits, then work to improve your business model to maximize labor productivity, minimize operating costs, increase efficiencies and see more of your revenue flow through to the bottom line (i.e. profits).

The Growth Paradox

Are you growing sales but somehow manage to end each period or quarter without any profits or cash left over? Growth sucks profits and cash but we'll show you how to stop "growing broke" and help you turn the growth equation around putting money back in your pocket.

Profitability: What it is and why it’s important

There are several factors that are distorting your you know what they are? We'll help you clear these distortions so you can get a better picture of your true profitability and have a clear realistic picture of your business overall.

Getting Compensation Right

Is what you earn as a business owner fair in comparison to what you actually do for the business? Are you paying yourself a salary or do you pay yourself in profit distributions? Does that really matter? We'll show you why it does and how to finally have a business that can afford to pay you and your employees fairly for what you and they are worth.

Maximizing Labor Productivity

How efficient your people are (direct labor, sales, management) matters. It's actually the NUMBER ONE driver of profitability. We'll give you the tools to know how productive your labor actually is and the resources to get your labor costs under control so they stop eroding your profits. We'll also show you how to get each functional area and manager strategically working together to improve and grow profits while developing a healthy culture around profitability.

Finding Money, Cutting Costs, and Increasing Profits

Ready to fix the broken parts of your business once and for all? These ideas will help you to cut costs and become more efficient all while adding more to the top and bottom lines. We'll also show you the 80/20 rule at work with your customers, locations, salespeople, product lines, SKUs, etc., so you can get rid of any losers and redistribute the freed up cash to winners.

Section #3: Cashflow

Even with an unprofitable month or quarter, you can continue to survive (and even thrive) as long as you've got cash available (just ask Amazon!). But if you're consuming more cash in any given period than you’re generating you're headed for disaster quick. This section will teach you how to know where your money is going and what it’s doing for you. We'll help you to keep, control, and grow the money you collect in your business at a faster rate so that you can continue to operate and grow your business successfully. You'll never run out of cash again and you'll always have enough money to make payroll, pay your bills, and keep the government off your back.

How Profits Turn Into Cash

Do you actually know how long it takes for a dollar spent on anything in your business to make it’s way back through your business and into your pockets as cash? This is called your Cash Conversion Cycle. We'll help you to master it along with your Cash Flow statement so you can easily visualize your cash generation and cash burn.

The 6 Uses of Cash

Would you like to have 3-10 times more cash on hand than your competitors? Then you need to understand the six primary areas that cash gets used in your business (production and operations, paying taxes, debt management, building capital reserves, investing in growth, and profit distributions or dividends). By understanding and properly managing these areas of cash use you'll become debt free and flush with cash so you can significantly outperform your competitors. You'll have cash to grow faster and weather any storms while generating real after tax wealth from serious profit distributions.

Accelerating Cash Flow

Knowing which parts of your business affect cash and which levers to push and pull will help you to substantially improve and accelerate your cash flow and overall cash position. We'll share with you the four cash flow cycles and 7 financial levers that accelerate cash flow along with dozens of tactical (and practical) implementation ideas to make the needed changes in those areas.

Section #4: Accounting and Reporting + Budgeting and Forecasting

In this final section you'll make improving your profitability and cash flow an ongoing priority without it becoming overwhelming or stressful. We'll help you organize your books and finances in a way that allows you to spend less time managing them and puts you back in control of your business and your future. And if you're not currently getting the financial data you need to actually make better business decisions, we'll show you how. When we're through you'll have a valuable monitoring system that sends you the right data, at the right time, so you can make the right decisions.

Accounting and Reporting

Do you know how to read your financial statements? Do you cringe anytime you or somebody else has to look at your books? We give you the tools to always know the financial health of your company (easily and quickly) by having the performance data and reporting you need when you need it. We share the most important numbers and ratios to focus on, a schedule for regular (and necessary) tracking and reporting, and easy to use templates and spreadsheets to make it happen.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Wouldn't it be great if you could anticipate financial problems before they even arise (before it’s too late)? We help you use proper budgeting and forecasting models to help you see beyond the numbers so you can make better business decisions that will actually impact the bottom line. You'll finally have a clear, realistic picture and vision of your business based on actual data and visible trends.

Strategic Profits Bootcamp 

BONUS #1: Business Valuation

If you want to sell your company, raise capital for growth, or distribute profits you need to know what your company is worth and the value of its shares. In this bonus module we outline how the principles of The Strategic Profits Bootcamp significantly increase company value and help you run a proper valuation on your own company. We also help you understand how banks, investors and potential acquirers look at your business from a financial perspective (HINT: they use your cash statements to determine your performance).

BONUS #2: Sources of Capital & Financing

Cash is critical for growth. If you don't have enough of it, you need to know the best places to find it while reducing your capital costs, exposure and risk. This bonus module covers various sources of capital from friends and family to banks and investors and provides critical considerations and need to know advice when dealing with each funding source.

BONUS #3: Treatment of Shareholders

Many businesses deal with additional shareholders aside from the primary owner including business partners, family members, employees, and investors. In this final bonus module we share the specifics of when and how to properly offer stock to employees or partners along with when and how to take profit distributions out of the company.

Fix years of struggle and financial troubles.

If You Can Say Yes To Any Of These Questions,
You’re A Perfect Fit For The Strategic Profits Bootcamp

If you said YES to any of these questions then The Strategic Profits Bootcamp is PERFECT for you!

Here’s why:

Your business shouldn’t be a constant headache, it should be a financial asset in your portfolio that generates real personal wealth… if you’re business isn’t doing that for you yet, we’ll show you how.

Next, if you’re seeing a profit on paper but no cash in the bank it could mean you’ve spent your hard earned profits or you have a serious cash flow problem. The good news is, we can help you resolve both pretty quickly.

Now with an increase of cash comes an increase of opportunity. We can show you how to reserve the right amounts for a rainy day and how to know when and how to reinvest it to further grow the business and further generate real wealth.

See, if you’re like MOST business owners, that’s why you started your business in the first place. To create wealth. We can help you design your business in a way that consistently generates wealth for you in the form of profit distributions while building up real value in the business so you can get the most out of it when it comes time to move on from it (but only if you choose to).

And the best news of all?

Our 90-Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment in The Strategic Profits Bootcamp gets you everything we’ve mentioned (and a whole lot more) AND is backed by our 90-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you enroll in the program today, you have a FULL 90 days to go through the program 100% risk-free. If you feel as if the program just didn’t work for you, email our support team, show us you did the work, and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous 100% money-back refund.

The program only lasts 12 weeks, so you get access to the entire program… plus the group coach… plus the community… 100% risk free. You literally get to try everything out while we bear all the risk. If it’s not working, all you have to do is email our support team before the 90th day, show us you did the work, and we’ll give your money back.

Why do we offer such a low risk guarantee?

Because we know this training program will help you increase profits, cash flow, and company value. Period. And we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are and prove it to you by offering such a stellar guarantee.

Why do we ask that you show us the work?

That’s simple. We only want people to join the program if they want to increase their profits, cash flow, and company value. If that’s you, you’re going to do the work anyway and you’ll have no problem providing it. We don’t want any tire kickers who want to waste our time (and their own time).

The only question you need to answer for yourself is…

"Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash flow is king."

About Your Program 
Creators and Coaches

Your team of coaches has decades of combined experience in strategy, finance, accounting, and most importantly profitability. Having worked with thousands of business owners of every shape and size across a broad range of industries, you’re in good hands. 

Benson Garner

Benson is a family man, a strategist and a revolutionary. As an entrepreneur and business owner he's founded several startups and is the current Owner and founder of the Strategic Co.. Benson has an extensive background in consulting business owners and executives at startups, small and medium sized companies and numerous Fortune 100s. He specializes in strategy, branding, innovation, and business modeling. As an Arizona native, he loves the outdoors and extreme sports.

Jesse Randall

Jesse is a triathlete, adrenaline junkie, 6-time startup founder, a T-Bird, and a deviant thinker. He's the current owner and founder of dripdrip, a B2B lead generation consultancy, and Deviant Strategy, a strategic finance consultancy. Jesse brings over a decade of startup and small business finance experience to bear along with hundreds of client engagements across numerous industries. His specialties include go-to-market strategies, lead gen, fundraising, financial modeling, and operational forecasting.

Mike Bosen

Mike's not your typical pencil pushing, data crunching accountant. He's the guy business owners call because their other accountant screwed things up. As an owner, partner, and CPA at Gallacher, Bosen & Goodman PLLC, he breaks the mold in a traditionally lazy industry. Mike brings years of in the trenches experience working with large and small business owners in the areas of accountancy, financial reporting, and taxation.

Here's What Customers Are Saying...

Sam Jones

“The Strategic Co. helped me resolve a $3-5k/month cash flow deficit. Though my sales were decent, I was considering bankruptcy. They worked with me to strategically change a lot of things. Now I have 2 cash-flow-positive businesses and I’m aggressively chipping away at my debt with the profits. I feel like I can breath again. I’m thoroughly enjoying the freedoms of entrepreneurship right now which would not be the case without The Strategic Co. I highly recommend working with them. The work may be difficult, but you’re reading this review for a reason, so rip the bandaid off and get to work!”

Sam Jones | Owner of Magro Clothing and Preach Supply

“After having founded and run many businesses, I felt I knew most of what was needed for success. This was an eye-opener. What I learned has changed the way I think about the internal mechanics of my business. This work instantly revealed the solution to issues I was struggling to solve and will certainly give me a straight path to success every time I add a new product, business unit, or marketing initiative.”

Randy MacLean | President at WayPoint Analytics

“Although my business is successful, I ran into a lot of issues. By asking the right questions and looking at the problem from a new angle, this program has helped me to overcome my fears and move forward with my business. In one month, I generated over 120% more in revenue. Thanks for everything!”

Pierre Lechelle | SaaS Marketer & Growth Hacker

Frequently Asked Questions 
About The Strategic Profits Bootcamp

We go over the most common questions we get about The Strategic Profitability Bootcamp below. If for some reason you still have questions, please reach out to our support team at

If you want to grow your business profitably and with greater free cash flow, here are some of the most common questions we hear:

Q: I have a bookkeeper and an accountant. Why do I need this program?

Simply put, it’s very possible that the financial professionals you’re working with right now are not trained to perform the financial analysis and advisory services that this program and our coaches cover. See, accounting and bookkeeping professionals are trained to give an account of what happened in the past. If all your bookkeeper and accountant are currently doing for you is keeping track of expenses, taking care of payroll and taxes, and running some basic financial reports then you’re not getting the mission critical data and advisory services that you need to be able to make strategic decisions about the future of your company.

Q: What if I don’t have any current financials for my company?

While it is highly recommended that you have current financial data and basic reports to pull from (Income/P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements) so that you can actively work the assignments on your own company, it’s not mandatory for learning the material. In the event that you do not have current financials for your own company, we will provide an example company’s financials to work from.

Q: Does this work if I'm in the _________ business?

Over the years our team of instructors and coaches have worked with just about every shape and size of company. We can assure you that no business entity, of any size, from any industry is exempt from the financial principles we cover in this program. It doesn’t matter if you provide a service or sell physical goods, whether you’re brick and mortar or online, or where in the world you are located The Strategic Profits Bootcamp will help you to achieve greater profitability, increase free cash flow, and build real company value.

Q: What is The Strategic Profits Bootcamp and how does it work?

The Strategic Profits Bootcamp is a 12-week training and group coaching program to help business owners increase their profitability and free cash flow without making any substantial changes to the structure of their business model. Each week, we’ll add new material to your membership area and you’ll join a webcast to participate with other business owners and receive guidance and support from your program coaches and instructors. The program material will consist of videos, worksheets, templates, and bonus materials designed to help you improve your business finances and money management. You’ll have lifetime access to all of the training materials, so you can either go through the content as it’s released, or you can take things at your own pace.

Q: What does it mean to be part of The Strategic Profits Bootcamp beta program?

As a member of our first ever Strategic Profits Bootcamp, you can expect training that’s already been proven to help business owners to increase profits, cash flow, and company value. You’re guaranteed to get additional help and attention from your coaches and instructors since this will be a smaller, more intimate group of fellow business owners (we’re capping the initial cohort at 15 business owners). We’ll also be sending out a survey every two weeks so you can weigh in on how the bootcamp is going and how we can make it even better. As a thank you for your participation in our beta group, you’ll also be receiving the lowest ever pricing (50% off) on this program.

Q: Is The Strategic Profits Bootcamp live or can I access the content whenever I'd like?

For main Strategic Profits Bootcamp training content, you do not need to show up anywhere live. The core training includes pre-recorded videos and downloadable exercises and activities. Each week, we’ll add more content into your membership area. For the live group coaching sessions, you will need to show up on a live webcast at the scheduled time to be able to participate in the discussion. You will receive calendar invites for each of the live calls. If you are unable to attend one of the live events, you can watch a recording of the event in the content section of your members area.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to The Strategic Profits Bootcamp?

We recommend you set aside at least 6 hours each week to go through the material. This includes watching the course content, joining the group coaching calls, engaging in the support community with your peers, and of course, implementing what you learn in the program in your business. The more give to it, the more you’ll get out of it. But if you’re unable to dedicate that much time, it’s okay. When you enroll in The Strategic Profits Bootcamp, you’ll get lifetime access. So, you can go through the program materials as they are released or you can take things at your own pace. Do what works best for you.

Q: Is The Strategic Profits Bootcamp right for me?

When we put this program together, we had three types of business owners in mind. They are as follows:

Owner #1: You’re living a financial nightmare with a soul-sucking, cash-eating business that’s a never ending series of long work days, sleepless nights, meager bank accounts, and a mountain of debt and bills.

Owner #2: You arrive at the end of what felt like a successful month or year and you see a profit on the books but no cash in the bank.

Owner #3: You hope to sell your company someday (maybe even soon) but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to get the price for it that you need or that you are hoping for.

The Strategic Profits Bootcamp will help you with these thing. We cover everything you need to improve your profitability, cash flow, and company value. 

We give you all of the tools you need to manage your money and finances properly going forward, including templates, spreadsheets, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reporting and plans along with the mission critical KPIs and ratios you’ll want to keep on top of, and more.

Q: Do you provide any sort of guarantee?

Absolutely! We stand by our 90-day money back guarantee. While we can’t make any specific promises about how much your financial situation will improve (see Legal stuff here) we can guarantee that if you show up, do the work, and implement what you learn you’ll have an increase of profit and cash flow which ultimately lead to a higher company value. If you’ve done everything we teach in this program and you aren’t seeing results, we’ll refund your money without any hassle.

Start increasing profits, accelerating cash flow and 
building real value in your business today!